Cut Piece, performed by Yoko Ono, Carnegie Recital Hall, New York, 1965
Photo by Minoru Niizuma Courtesy of Yoko Ono

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Cut Piece

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Cut Piece.

This piece was performed in Kyoto, Tokyo, New York and London. It is usually performed by Yoko Ono coming on the stage and in a sitting position, placing a pair of scissors in front of her and asking the audience to come up on the stage, one by one, and cut a portion of her clothing (anywhere they like) and take it. The performer, however, does not have to be a woman.


First version for single performer:

It is announced that members of the audience may come on stage-one at a time-to cut a small piece of the performer’s clothing to take with them.
Performer remains motionless throughout the piece.
Piece ends at the performer’s option.

Second version for audience:

It is announced that members of the audience may cut each other’s clothing.
The audience may cut as long as they want.

Yoko Ono, “Strip-Tease Show”, 1966

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