Yoko Ono in Half-A-Room, Lisson Gallery, London, 1967
Photo by Clay Perry © Yoko Ono

Gallery 305
Yoko Ono in Half-A-Room

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Half-a-Suitcase; Half-a-Radio; Half-a-Picture; Half-a-Heater; Half-a-Chair; Half-a-Bookshelf; Half-a-Garbage Can; Half-a-Sauce Pan; Half-a-Tea Pot; Half-a-Hat; Half-a-Tea-Kettle; Half-a-Measuring Cup; Half-a-Sack; Half-a-Basket of Flowers; Half-a-High Heeled Shoe; Half-a-Man’s Shoe; Half-a-Strainer; Half-a-Plastic Cup; Half-a-Scrub Brush; Half-a-Utensil; Half-a-Compact; Half-a-Plastic Soap Holder; Half-a-Glasses Case; Half-a-Globe Holder; Half-a-Glass Jar; Half-a-Drinking Glass; Half-a-Drinking Glass; Half-a-Dresser.
Cut in half, painted white

Life is only half a game.
Molecules are always at the verge of half disappearing and half emerging.
Somebody said I should also put half-a-person in the show. But we are halves already.

“Some notes on the Lisson Gallery Show”, October 1967, published in Yoko Ono at Lisson: Half-A-Wind Show, exh.cat. (London: Lisson Gallery, 1967)

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